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     Welcome to the 417PRG Website!!!




 Motto: Helping People Understand The Unexplained.


 We are 417 Paranormal Research Group (417PRG).  We would like to welcome you to our website!! Here, you will find pictures and evidence from our investigations.  We are based in Springfield, MO.  We are a group of like minded individuals that have a hobby of paranormal investigations and research. Every 417PRG team member has been through one or many paranormal experiences.

 This is why many of us started investigating.  We know what it is like to be scared of the unknown.  We investigate to try to find the source of the unexplained happenings.

 Unfortunately, due to gas prices, we have to limit our cases to within 2 hours travel time of Springfield, MO. However, occasionally we are open to other areas outside of this given perimeter for up to 3 hours away.  

We specialize in "difficult cases" and private residences. However, we have and will do businesses, historical places, or other property.  During our investigations we find answers to help ease the minds of our clients.  Cases involving children are priority!!


We are not a high tech team with all the bells and whistles like on T.V.  We are simple, but have enough to conduct a thorough investigation.  We do not practice the occult. (i.e Ouija board, seances, spells).


When going into an investigation, we are open minded and search for answers through logical explanations.  However, there are some cases that may have no logical explanation.  At that time, depending on the outcome of the investigation, we do have the means or connections to assist further.  


WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES. Donations are accepted, but not necessary or expected.  If you are in need or our services, we have several ways to contact us.  First, you can use the "Contact 417PRG" link located at the top of this page.  Second, you may e-mail one of the founders, Heather,  at . Third, you can contact via Facebook at 417 Paranormal Research Group.  Fourth, you can call or text Heather at 417-894-7305. We will try our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

 We have had many inquires about joining our team as an investigator or to come a long as a tag-a-long.  417PRG is not currently looking for new members.   However, we are allowing tag-a-longs, but only on certain cases.  THERE WILL BE NO TAG-A-LONGS ALLOWED ON OUR HIGH PROFILE CASES!  If tag-a-longs are allowed on the case, it will be posted under our "Investigations" link for whatever year we are in.  THE PRICE FOR BEING A TAG A LONG WILL BE $25 (CASH ONLY) PER PERSON PER INVESTIGATION.  For each tag-a-long case, you will be required to fill out our "GUEST PROCEDURES" paperwork prior to going on the investigation.  These procedures are the same ones 417PRG investigators have to follow. If you are interested in being a tag-a-long, please contact us on FaceBook  on our fanpage or email Heather-417PRG Founder at   


                      We are proud to be part of .......